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Amarillo IPA

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Amarillo IPA

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Beer Style: American IPA  (14B)
Recipe Type: partial mash
Yield: 5 US gallons

American IPA


Golden brown color with a strong floral and citrus hop aroma and a very tangy-sweet grapefruit bitterness that blends well with a month of conditioning. Refreshing. The combo of rice syrup solids and honey help keep the mouthfeel lighter in this strong ale.


  • Mini Mash 1 &1/2 hr @155
  • 8 oz 60 l crystal (caramel) malt
  • 8 oz Carapils
  • 2 lbs pale malt
  • Malt
  • 6 lbs. gold Liquid ME
  • 1 lb light dried ME
  • 1 lb (18 oz.) clover honey
  • 1 lb rice syrup solids
  • Hop Schedule
  • .5 oz. Chinook 13% 60 min (beginning) 27.7 IBU
  • .5 oz Amarillo 8.9% 60 min (beginning) 19 IBU (46.7)
  • .5 oz. Chinook 13% 20 min 14.1 IBU (60.8) (Wort chiller =3 min boil lag)
  • .5 oz Amarillo 8.9% 20 min 9.7 IBU (70.5) (Irish moss at 15 min.)
  • .5 oz Amarillo 8.9% 7 min 4.4 IBU (74.9)
  • .5 oz Amarillo 8.9% 2 min 2.1 IBU (77)
  • *optional after taste---dry hop all 14 days in secondary (14 total) .5 oz Cascade pellets 5.1% 1 IBU (79)
  • Yeast
  • Safale us-05 Dry-1st ferm
  • Extras
  • 1 oz. oak chips
  • 1 tsp irish moss 15 min left in boil
  • 5 oz bottling corn sugar
  • 1 muslin bag

Additional Instructions

Primary Ferment: 1st ferm. 8 days (us-05 ale yeast) Gravity of 1.0
Secondary Ferment: 2nd ferm. 14 days (w/dry hop and oak chips)

Beer Profile

Original Gravity: 1.080
Final Gravity: 1.016=8.25%abv
Alcohol by Vol: 8.38%
Recipe Type: partial mash
Yield: 5.00 US Gallons

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60 min boil, although I would do 75 next time and adjust the hop amounts.




review rating
 Reviewed by Luke on Sat Dec 13 2014

I brewed this with out the rice syrups and forgot to add the honey(!). But it still turned out great. Copper in colour with a nice thick-white head. Medium bodied and well balanced mouth-feel. Not too heavy so could also be enjoyed slightly chilled on a hot day. Lovely fruit/grapefruit/citrus taste with a malty finish.

I will brew this again for sure.

review rating
 Reviewed by Beer Dude on Tue May 6 2014

At 6.9%abv., coming in a slim, long-neck 330ml brown bottle; BB 26/03/2015, served mildly chilled in a Hapkin’s branded short-stemmed tulip-shaped sniffer.

It pours a murky, dark reddish amber colour, coming with a thick, dark beige cappuccino froth with very good retention, while the carbonation remains mild and sporadic.

Overripe fruitiness manifests along with a thick body of mixed malts, with caramel, Munich and nutty malts in dominance, littered with some acidic sweetness from yeastiness and a faint touch of funk even. Given a very good swirl, resinous hops with a main theme of pine sprigs, earthy and also citric notes come to the fore, while the maltiness also presents a somewhat… “creamy” feature.

Lightly effervescent, the flavour is full-bodied with crystal and pale malts in support of a light layer of spicy and piney hops, without lending any sweet influence; the aftertaste is earthy, tea-ish and burned nutty bitter, semi-raisin-like in aroma, and lightly chewy tannic, in a fashion almost as if roast malts are used in the boiling process, while a rather deep aroma as of toasted malts lingers in the very end alongside a light alc. warmth.

Overall, the mouthfeel is refreshing and light against an unusually robust but not sweet malt backbone, resulting in an intriguing contrast on the palate. I can’t say I really like this version as the hop elements are far more pronounced in their bitter departments than in the aroma & flavour ones, but the thick body without too much sweetness really hooks my palate almost in the same way as a darker Premium Bitter could do. Worth trying for once at least, I think.

review rating
 Reviewed by Stephen G. on Thu May 1 2014

It poured dark golden brown. slightly murky with a tan/khaki head about 2 fingers that lingered around for awhile

Great stone fruit/caramalized pineapple/tropical citrus. Fairly deep almost roasty malty hoppy. almost a pure cane sugar cola syrup after taste

Good mouthfeel, thin enough to be easy, thick enough to hang around long enough to not overstay its welcome

Good beer, would drink brew again for sure