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Beer Style: Open Category Mead (26C)
Recipe Type: other
Yield: 5 US gallons

Open Category Mead



  • 10 pounds fresh, raw alfalfa or clover honey
  • 2 pounds fresh, raw wildflower (or other dark) honey
  • 2 teaspoons Great Fermentations of Santa Rosa mead yeast nutrient

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Add honey, nutrient and 2 gallons water to the brewpot. Bring slowly to 170 degrees F and hold for 30 minutes to pasteurize. Skim off any white scum from the surface as it forms. Pour into a carboy containing cold water, top off with water to 5 gallons. Pitch yeast when cooled to 80 degrees F. Ferment at 65-80 degrees F until some clearing is evident (usually 3 months). High tempratures (up to 80 or so) won't hurt mead (unlike beer). At this point, rack to another carboy. Bottle or keg when mead is CRYSTAL clear.