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Lageresque Ale

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Lageresque Ale

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Beer Style: American Pale Ale (10A)
Recipe Type: extract
Yield: 5 US gallons

American Pale Ale


Ferment as cool as you can muster, to keep the esters down. If you can, rack the wort off the trub before the fermentation really gets started (i.e. let it settle out for 4-6 hours, then rack, but pitch the yeast *first* to avoid nasty suprises). Use an ale yeast that is clean (i.e. produces few esters). Reportedly, Wyeast #1056 (American Ale) is supposed to be the best yeast in this regard. You can also culture this strain (or one with a *very* similar flavour profile) from Sierra Nevada ales. Boil the full volume of your wort. The more dilute wort gives better hop utilization, and helps avoid carmelization of the wort. After bottling or kegging and subsequent carbonation, let the brew lager in the refrigerator for 4-6 weeks.


  • 4 pounds, Alexanders light unhopped malt extract
  • 1-1/2 pounds, Light dried malt extract (DME)
  • 5 AAU's of your favourite bittering hops (e.g., 1/2 ounce. of

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Dissolve the extracts in 5 gallons of brewing water. Bring to boil. After 15 minutes, add bittering hops. Boil 60 minutes total. Turn off heat and add finishing hops. Cool as rapidly as possible to 60-70F. Rack to fermenter, fill to 5 gallons, pitch yeast, relax, etc.