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Minions of Evil

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Minions of Evil

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Beer Style: Doppelbock  (5C)
Recipe Type: extract
Yield: 5 US gallons



Here is my favorite recipe of all times! (Just brewed it..and a mead this past weekend!)


  • 2 cups flaked barley
  • 2cups chocolate malt
  • 2 cups american 6 row
  • 6 pounds Amber DME
  • 4 pounds Dark DME
  • 1 pound Light DME
  • 1oz Bullions (bittering)
  • 1oz Cascade(aroma)
  • 2 7 gram packages Yeast Labs Lager yeast(dry)

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***Optional (Yeast Energizer 4 teaspoons)(Yeast Nutrient 4 teaspoons) Irish Moss(1tablespoon 15 minutes before end of boil) Mini-mash the flaked barley, chocolate malt. american 6 row for about one hour at 155f add the eleven pounds of DME and raise to a boil. When the boil starts add the bullions. If you want to use the Irish moss add it 12 minutes before the cascades. After 40 minutes add the cascade for 3 minutes. If you have the nutrients and energizer add that when you add the cascades .

I have made this brew ith and without the optional stuff...it was good both ways. It comes out around 10-12 percent for me when I do it. Be prepared to let this one sit for a few months to get good...it tastes pretty raw the first month or so. This brew REALLY smooths and clears out and makes a great New Years Celebration Brew. If you are like me and like strong ales, barley wines, or Dopplebocks you will probably dig this. (COurse TECHNICALLY its a "steam" or California Common beer since it uses lager yeast at ale temperatures.)