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Heavy Weather

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Heavy Weather

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Beer Style: American Pale Ale  (10A)
Recipe Type: extract
Yield: 5 US gallons

American Pale Ale


It's been hot in NYC this summer, but as long as you've got a fridge (and a roomate mellow enough to relinquish space in it in exchange for a homebrew) you can still brew a good beer. To wit: I put together a recipe I like to call Heavy Weather.

100 percent refrigerated ale. For those on upper floors who would rather spend money on new brewing equipment than on AC and electric bills.


  • 1 can Munton's yorkshire bitter
  • 2 lbs light malt extract
  • 1 lb dark malt extract
  • 1 oz goldings hops
  • 1/4 tsp irish moss
  • 1 whole vanilla bean (use 1/2 if you hate a sweetish beer)
  • Munton's ale yeast

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Boil with 1 1/2 gals H2O for 60 mins. add 1/2 the hops, irish moss, and vanilla bean at 15 mins before end of boil. Toss the rest of the hops in 3 mins before done boiling. Have 3 1/2 gals chilled H20 in fermenter and filter in the wert through strainer. Get the batch to 75f or so and pitch the yeast (rehydrated). Agitate the wort, stick on the air lock, and lock it away in the fridge (35f) for 9 days. Prime w/ 3/4 cup corn sugar and bottle away. It was quite drinkable after 2 weeks in bottles, but the longer it stays there, the better it gets.