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Raging Roggen

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Raging Roggen

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Beer Style: American Wheat or Rye Beer  (6D)
Recipe Type: all-grain
Yield: 2.5 US gallons

American Wheat or Rye Beer


Hazey Amber colored Roggenbier/German Rye Ale with a hoppy twist that is not usually seen in this beer style. Sweet & Spicey phenolic clove backbone with LOW bitterness and amazing fresh hop aroma and flavor. The Idaho #7 really boost the flavor over all. Has a balanced body and carbonation.


  • 3# Pale malt
  • 1/4# Canadian Honey malt
  • 1/2# Special Pale malt( high diastatic power)
  • 2.5# Rye Pale
  • 1# CaraRye
  • 8 grams Nelson Sauvin AA10.2%/bittering
  • 22 grams Idaho#7 AA12.1% /flavor & aroma
  • 4Grams SafAle WB-06 wheat yeast
  • 1tsp Yeast Nutrient
  • Candi syrup D-45 for conditioning

Additional Instructions

Boil: 70 Minutes
Primary Ferment: 12
Secondary Ferment: 9

Beer Profile

Bitterness IBU: 18
Recipe Type: all-grain
Yield: 2.50 US Gallons

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Since the rye is malted, there is no need to do a cereal mash.

Starting water is 2.5 gallons
Poland Springs @ 062ppm

60 min single infusion mash at 140°f
Sparge @170°f with fresh water to 3 gallons

70 min boil

8 grams Nelson Sauvin @ 20 min into boil

Rest @ 40 min into boil for 10 min

22 grams Idaho #7 when pulling off the heat through cool down to 67°f within 37 min.

Pitch yeast and nutrient @ 67°f
Ferment for 12 days
Bottle condition with candy syrup D-45
Bottle condition for 9
Chill to 36, Drink....