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Juniper Metheglin (Still Mead)

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Juniper Metheglin (Still Mead)

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Beer Style: Metheglin  (26A)
Recipe Type: other
Yield: 5.5 US gallons



This one is a winner... let me tell you! This receives nothing but praise even while very young. I will say I used an ale yeast the first time, but next time I will use a wine yeast and see what happens.

If you're looking for a spiced mead that's not too spiced, here you go. I kinda got the idea from Skyrim.


  • 20lb local raw honey
  • 2.3ish oz crushed Juniper berries, I got mine from World Market. You want mature berries, not green ones. This isn't a gin.
  • 6 stars of Star Anise
  • 6 Clove Sprigs
  • To make still:
  • 0.5 tsp K-Metabisulfite
  • 1.5 tsp K-Sorbate
  • I used US-05 yeast the first time, but I recommend a wine yeast as ale yeasts don't usually like that much sugar.

Additional Instructions

Boil: 20 Minutes
Primary Ferment: 3 months

Beer Profile

Original Gravity: 1.124
Final Gravity: 1.06
Alcohol by Vol: 15%
Recipe Type: other
Yield: 5.50 US Gallons

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I made 2 starters for this, each with 2 packets of yeast. First at time of brewing, the second was added 3 or 4 days after the start of fermentation.

I believe I boiled the honey for my first batch, this is not necessary. Raw honey is naturally antibacterial and has always treated me well. Some folks say the wax kills the yeast, but... that's why you have 4 packs of yeast and gave them each time to gather force, yeah?

Boil your spices for 20 minutes, cool. Add to honey and fill a ways with water. Remember to leave space for your 2 starters!

Add the first starter and plug up. After fermentation starts, count out 3 or 4 days. Crack it open and add your other starter.

Wait. Wait. Wait.

I left it in primary for 3 months and then decided it was time to bottle. I transferred the contents to a bottling bucket, added the K-Meta and K-Sorbate, stirred, bottled.

Wait. Wait. Wait.

It starts getting good and non-bubbly about 4 months after bottling.

Should be mature at the 1 year mark, but ready to drink at about the 6 month mark.