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Beer Style: Old Ale  (19A)
Recipe Type: all-grain
Yield: 4 US gallons

Old Ale


I gave it a vertical pour and got a good head. The aftertaste was really nice. Hints of coffee/licorice.
Excellent full bodied dark ale.
The use of the Gervin yeast helps form a solid base when bottle conditioning, allowing a carefull full pour.


  • for 19l
  • 4.18kg Marris Otter Pale Base malt
  • 600g Vienna Pale malt
  • 120g Pale chocolate malt
  • 120g Chocolate malt
  • A 60 minute boil with:
  • 25g east kent goldings @15min
  • 25g fuggles @60min
  • A handfull of fuggles as a dry hop
  • 75g priming sugar
  • 11g Gervin GV12 High Quality Ale Yeast

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Brought 16l water to 76C, added malt reducing to 66C
standard 1 hour mash with batch sparge
standard 1 hour boil with hop additions as above
Cooled with a copper coil cooler and of course
a Gervin GV12 High Quality Ale Yeast added at 24C.
75g priming sugar added at a final racking before bottling.