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Commie Finger

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Commie Finger

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Beer Style: American Brown Ale  (10C)
Recipe Type: partial mash
Yield: 5.5 US gallons

American Brown Ale


Don't be scared. It looks and tastes like something between Newcastle Brown Ale and PBR. Malty, but with a clean aftertaste. Exceptionally clean mouth feel for a darker, more malty brew.

After bottling, LET IT AGE!!!!
2 weeks: awful.
3 weeks: not as awful, but still pretty bad
4 weeks: semi-acceptable
5 weeks: acceptable
6 weeks: good
7 weeks: MIGHTY FINE!


  • 5 lbs. unhopped dark Munich LME
  • 3 lbs. unhopped extra light LME
  • 1 lb. Sparkling Amber DME
  • 1 lb Munton Dark DME
  • 15oz. Briess 2 Row malt
  • 12oz. Bohemian Pilsner
  • 1oz Weymann Dark Munich
  • 1oz. Caramel Pils (crystal 8)
  • 5oz. crisp brown malt
  • 2oz. Munton Chocolate Malt
  • 1oz. Amarillo pellet hops
  • 1oz. Fuggle pellet hops
  • Wyeast American Ale II (1272)
  • 1 tsp. irish moss
  • 5-6oz. priming sugar
  • 2 bags of ice

Additional Instructions

Primary Ferment: 7 days in primary.
Secondary Ferment: 7 days or until bubbling slows substantially.

Beer Profile

Original Gravity: 1.050
Final Gravity: uh..I forgot.
Alcohol by Vol: 137.55%
Recipe Type: partial mash
Yield: 5.50 US Gallons

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1. Steep grain in 2 1/2 gallons of water at 150 degrees for 30 minutes.
2. Sparge with 1/2 gallon of 160 degree water.
3. Boil- 60 minutes total
@ start: 1/3oz of amarillo hops
1/2 of dark munich and extra light LME
1 lb. traditional dark DME
@ 30 minutes: 1/2oz fuggle hops
other half of munich and extra light LME
1 lb. sparkling amber DME
1 tsp. irish moss
@ 3 minutes: 1/4oz. of fuggle hops
4. Drain wort onto 2 bags of ice in primary fermenter. This should bring the temp down to around 75-80 degrees.
5. When proper temp is reached, pitch yeast and take original gravity reading.
Original gravity should be @ 1.050.

Allow fermentation to complete. Transfer to carboy for 1 week settling/clarifying. Then prime and bottle per standard procedure.