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Beer Style: Classic American Pilsner (2C)
Recipe Type: all-grain
Yield: 5 US gallons

Classic American Pilsner


Color came out a dark yellow almost orange. MT Hood hops gave it an appealing spicey aroma and great taste. Name "True grits" derived that I actually used grits to brew this!


  • 5 pounds Quaker grits
  • 5 pounds 2 row pale malt
  • 1 lb crystal 60
  • 2 oz Mt Hood hops
  • Ale yeast
  • 3/4 cups sugar at bottle

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Grits 60 min at 110
at 30 min add 2 row and crystal for 30 min
30 min 140
30 min 150
10 min 170
sparge with 170 deg water to around 6-6.5 gal
boil one hour adding 1/2 hops at intial boil then 1/2 at 30 min mark
after boil cool to 70 deg transfer to fermenter and pitch any style ale yeast
ferment 1 week
add sugar and bottle wait 2 weeks