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Dizzy Blonde Cream Ale

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Dizzy Blonde Cream Ale

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Beer Style: Cream Ale  (6A)
Recipe Type: all-grain
Yield: 5 US gallons

Cream Ale


This beer looks "light" yet has a full mouth-feel and lots of punch. Thus the name "Dizzy Blonde"! The light creamy sweetness of rice married with the citrus/grapefruit flavor of chinook hops are the key to this beer.


  • I use Breiss pre-ground malts and grains on my single infusion 15 gallon system.
  • 2-row -- 15 lb.s
  • vienna -- 6 lb.s
  • flaked rice -- 4 lb.s
  • carapils -- 1 lb
  • Hop Additions: (palletized hops)
  • 0 min. -- 1/2 oz columbus
  • 30 min. -- 1/2 oz cascade
  • 45 min. -- 1/2 oz chinook & 1 tsp break brite
  • 60 min -- 1 oz cascade (KO & whirlpool)
  • 65 min -- 1 oz chinook
  • Before using Breiss' pregelentized rice flakes I was using sushi rice from the local organic food store. I cooked the rice separately for about two hours until it was all "mush". I then added "rice hulls" to help with the lauterning. I also would hold back the pound of carapils and added this to the rice mash as well. I would time all this so I was adding the rice mash to my regular mash just before vorloof. A lot of hassle and yes, I did have some "stuck" mashes. I've brewed at least 25 batches with the rice flakes and not one stuck mash!

Additional Instructions

Primary Ferment: I use a conical and dump the first bit of trube 24
Secondary Ferment: I dump the rest of the yeast 7-10 days later. I t

Beer Profile

Original Gravity: 1.070
Final Gravity: 1.014-16
Alcohol by Vol: 7.33%
Recipe Type: all-grain
Yield: 5.00 US Gallons

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I set the mash to rest at 156-158. Yes, a little sweet but it is a "cream ale"! I let the mash rest for 30-35 minutes. Vorloff untill it is clear (which is 2-4 minutes on my system) and then go to kettle.

I built a separate "whirlpool" vessel from another 1/2 Bbl keg so I can move my finished wort from the kettle as soon as I KO the fire. I can rinse the kettle and make way for my second batch. I add the 65 min hops to the whirlpool as soon as I start pumping over to it, which takes 7 minutes with my march pump. I am ready for the second mash to go to kettle 10 minutes from KO. With this system I can brew two batches, fill up my 35 gallon fermenter (a converted conical chemical tank) to 27 gallons, clean up and be out of my brewery in less than 8 hours! 20-25 days later I have 5 corney kegs of great tasting, polished and conditioned beer to help recover from all my hard work.