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Beer Style: Standard/Ordinary Bitter (8A)
Recipe Type: partial mash
Yield: 5 US gallons

Standard/Ordinary Bitter


dark amber colour, oaky aroma, powerfull after taste


  • 20l water
  • 250g crystal malt
  • 250g pale malt
  • 3kg malt extract
  • 100g fuggle hops
  • 500g demera sugar
  • 60g french oak chips
  • english ale yeast

Additional Instructions

Primary Ferment: 10 days
Secondary Ferment: 2-3 weeks

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Preboil brew pot and put the grain into a grain bag, remove after 10-15min then add the extract. Add 40g of hops 20min into the boil , 30g at 30min into the boil and 30g 50min into the boil. Once the mash has been boiled for 60min remove from heat and transfer into fermenter.
2 days into fermentation add the oak chips and the demera sugar