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Vanilla Hammer Mead (Hooligan Style)

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Vanilla Hammer Mead (Hooligan Style)

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Beer Style: Open Category Mead  (26C)
Recipe Type: other
Yield: 5 US gallons

Open Category Mead


Vanilla Hammer Mead Directions!
OK, I've been getting a lot of requests from all ya Drunk Bastards that want to know how to get started making your own Mead, So here ya are!
I ain't responsible if ya get smashed on this stuff and do silly stuff like fall through fences, pass out in people's lawns, end up passed out on your steps, chase ugly women, etc. Make this stuff at your own risk, its totally legal to make, if you don't sell it! Which is why I am telling ya'll how to make it instead of going into business and becoming a F*cking Billionaire!!!


  • 10 lbs Clover Honey, (2 Lbs per gallon)
  • Champagne yeast
  • Vanilla Extract (1 Tblsp. per gallon)
  • Water

Additional Instructions

Primary Ferment: Use a Wine style airlock when she's done bottle i
Secondary Ferment: unnecessary

Beer Profile

Original Gravity: Never Measured it
Final Gravity: High Octane
Recipe Type: other
Yield: 5.00 US Gallons

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Brewing Your Own Mead

First a real basic lesson on how it works: Yeast turns Sugars into Alcohol & CO2, so, since Honey is a complex sugar ya get a lot of punch out of it, (as some of ya'll that have already had my stuff before know!) This stuff is so easy to make & the Vikings called Mead the Nectar of the Gods, so it's got to be good right???
To brew your first batch of Mead you'll need several inexpensive gadgets.
- Primary fermenter, (6 gal food grade plastic Bucket with lid, & rubber Grommet for airlock)
- Bottling bucket with spigot, 6 gal., food grade plastic , need tubing & bottling wand w foot-valve (to get the mead into your bottles)
-Airlock (ask them for the wine style airlock as you want to run this out, you will be using Champagne yeast)
-B-Brite cleaner,
-Bottle capper/caps
-B.F.S. (Big F*cking Spoon) Food grade plastic
-Champagne yeast
-They also sell bottles, or you can reuse regular, non-twist-off bottles.

Other Ingredients
10 lbs Honey (I usually go online & find the cheapest Clover Honey I can get like at Amazon.com or do a Google search)

Vanilla Extract (any grocery store) I add this to the bottling bucket before bottling (1 Tablespoon per gallon of Mead to smooth out the taste a little right before bottling)

OK ya Mugs! Now that ya got the gear, Here's what to do with it!!

#1 pour 5 gallons of water into the bucket scratch a mark so you know where the 5 Gallon mark is.

#2 Sterilize your stuff with the B-Brite cleaner & Hot water, & rinse it out well

#3 Get 10 Lbs of Clover Honey (for a 5 gallon batch leave a gallon air space in bucket this stuff will blow the airlock & spray all over if ya don't) warm the honey containers under hot hater so you can pour it out easier, use more warm water to rinse the Honey containers out adding it to the bucket till you reach the 5 gallon mark. Stir with B.F.S.

#4 the Champagne yeast will work best around 70 degrees don't put in until your batch is around that temperature if its too hot you will kill the yeast

#5 add the yeast depending on what type of champagne yeast you get it will have directions on if you need to do anything to activate it or not

#6 put the lid on your bucket, put your airlock into the lid and fill with water to the mark on the airlock (the air lock lets the CO2 out - but keeps air from getting in and growing any funky stuff on your mead,)

#7 Put the bucket somewhere out of the way but where you can give it a swirl every once in a while & check out the airlock every once in a while to make sure there is still water in it.

#8 Repeat #7 until it stops bubbling (usually about a year)

#9 Sterilize your bottles (I use my dishwasher with the bottles pointing down and 1 Tablespoon of the B-brite to sterilize them).

*Make sure there is no funk in the bottles sometimes folks don't rinse their bottles out well enough & there may be some mutant penicillin growing in the bottoms if so just chuck those bottles!

#10 Sterilize your bottling bucket hose & wand & B.F.S. with B-Brite,

#11 Pour the mead from the fermenting bucket into the bottling bucket, add the Vanilla extract 1 Tablespoon per gallon of Mead, stir with B.F.S., then put the bottling bucket up on a counter (you use gravity & the wand to get the mead from the bucket into your bottles).

#12 Put the bottles in a bucket or something while you fill them in case you overflow, Mead makes a rather sticky mess put the wand (with the foot valve into the bottle & press down, fill till mead reaches top of bottle remove wand the air space left by the wand coming out is what you are after! do not top them off ! or they will blow off the caps and you will lose a years worth of work and have one hell of a mess!!!

#13 Cap the bottles with the capper

#14 They are ready to drink when ever, Some folks like to let them sit and age in the bottle, I seldom have em last that long!

Enjoy! *watch this stuff it kicks some serious ass!!!

#15 Make sure to clean & sterilize all your equipment, I recommend starting the next batch at this time as it takes a year for your next batch.