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Beer Style: Cream Ale  (6A)
Recipe Type: extract
Yield: 5 US gallons

Cream Ale


I'm a youngster when it comes to brewing, but I think you will like it.This has a nice golden color , and is very easy to drink.Starts out with a clean hint of lemon that smoothes the way to a mellow taste of hoppy goodness. perfect when flingin meat on the coals. It's a bonus when the wife drinks it up too.


  • 4 lb dried malt extract
  • 1 lb rice solids
  • 1 lb sugar
  • 1 oz Tettnang hops, 1 oz Saaz hops ( I used pellets)
  • .125 oz concentrated lemonade flavoring( your local brew store should have it)
  • Fermentis dry ale yeast. bet you can also use white labs clifornia ale, or Wyeast1007 . I used fermentis.

Additional Instructions

Primary Ferment: 10 days. Activity stoped in seven.
Secondary Ferment: 0. went straight to keg.If you bottle, let it clea

Beer Profile

Original Gravity: 1.052
Final Gravity: 1.008
Alcohol by Vol: 5.76%
Recipe Type: extract
Yield: 5.00 US Gallons

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Heat water up ( i start with 6 gallons). throw in malt, rice solids, and sugar. stir to dissolve. Bring the water to a boil and drop in Tettnang hops.Continue to boil for 55 minutes.add Saas hops ,and boil for 5 more minutes.
Cut heat and chill to 80 degees.
siphon wart to fermentation bucket and take gravity reading. pitch yeast .
Dont forget to add lemon concentrate into keg. If you bottle ,add lemon to bottling bucket.