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MAD sctoch porter

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MAD sctoch porter

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Beer Style: Robust Porter  (12B)
Recipe Type: partial mash
Yield: 5 US gallons

Robust Porter


This is a clone recipe I got from the brew master at the mad river brewery in blue lake, ca. It is a strong and bold flavored porter with a smoky character. This is my favorite beer, but can be hard to find. Brew your own batch and get a six pack of the real thing for a comparison of your expertise!


  • Grist:
  • 2-row Pale malt; 80.7% 10
  • Crystal malt 70/80 L; 4.3% .5
  • Crystal malt 135/165 L; 4.3% .5
  • Chocolate malt; 4.3% .5
  • Malted White Wheat; 3.9% .5
  • German Smoked malt (Rauch); 1.4% .25
  • Light Peated malt; 1.2% .25
  • Hop Additions:
  • 7.6 IBU's Magnum for 80 min.
  • 17.2 IBU's Glacier for 40 min.
  • 4.7 IBU's Willamette for 10 min.
  • Steep or hop back 1-2 oz. each of Willamette and Glacier
  • Cool, aerate and pitch with 1056 ale yeast or equivalent.

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All of the ingredients are listed in percents and in pounds (for all grain). I would use about 7#s of pale extract along with mashing all of the listed grains for a partial. I recommend a cali. comon yeast from white labs or the listed from wyeast.