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Specialty Beer Recipes

65 recipes found that match your criteria.

Specialty Beer Recipes

The BJCP style guide says: A harmonious marriage of ingredients, processes and beer. The key attributes of the underlying style (if declared) will be atypical due to the addition of special ingredients or techniques; do not expect the base beer to taste the same as the unadulterated version. Judge the beer based on the pleasantness and harmony of the resulting combination. The overall uniqueness of the process, ingredients used, and creativity should be considered. The overall rating of the beer depends heavily on the inherently subjective assessment of distinctiveness and drinkability. The character of the stated specialty ingredient or nature should be evident in the aroma, but harmonious with the other components (yet not totally overpowering them). Overall the aroma should be a pleasant combination of malt, hops and the featured specialty ingredient or nature as appropriate to the specific type of beer being presented. The individual character of special ingredients and processes may not always be identifiable when used in combination. If a classic style base beer is specified then the characteristics of that classic style should be noticeable. Note, however, that classic styles will have a different impression when brewed with unusual ingredients, additives or processes. The typical aroma components of classic beer styles (particularly hops) may be intentionally subdued to allow the special ingredients or nature to be more apparent. Read More

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Title Recipe Type Styles Views Rating
all-grain  Specialty Beer  1443 Not Rated
Thai beer
all-grain  Specialty Beer  2814 Not Rated
Roasted Rose Sour Mash 15%
all-grain  Specialty Beer  1651 Not Rated
Rye IPA (A" Dash" of Rye IPA) BIAB 10gal
all-grain  Specialty Beer  4276 Not Rated
Thunder Thief1A
partial mash
partial mash  Specialty Beer  1046 Not Rated
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