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Wood-Aged Beer Recipes

8 recipes found that match your criteria.

Wood-Aged Beer Recipes

The BJCP style guide says: A harmonious blend of the base beer style with characteristics from aging in contact with wood (including any alcoholic products previously in contact with the wood). The best examples will be smooth, flavorful, well-balanced and well-aged. . Varies with base style. A low to moderate wood- or oak-based aroma is usually present. Fresh wood can occasionally impart raw "green" aromatics, although this character should never be too strong. Other optional aromatics include a low to moderate vanilla, caramel, toffee, toast, or cocoa character, as well as any aromatics associated with alcohol previously stored in the wood (if any). Any alcohol character should be smooth and balanced, not hot. Some background oxidation character is optional, and can take on a pleasant, sherry-like character and not be papery or cardboard-like. Read More

Title Recipe Type Styles Views Rating
Little Shed Maple Bourbon Stout
all-grain  Wood-Aged Beer  3461 3.9091 Star Rating out of 11 votes
Oaky Smoky Black Mamba 194p/bt
all-grain  Wood-Aged Beer  5422 3.0000 Star Rating out of 2 votes
Something American/Toy Story 21/Buzzed and Woody
all-grain  Wood-Aged Beer  3741 1.0000 Star Rating out of 1 votes
Lumberjack's Beard
all-grain  Wood-Aged Beer  2578 1.0000 Star Rating out of 1 votes
lil' bit Kentucky Barleywine
all-grain  Wood-Aged Beer  867 1.0000 Star Rating out of 1 votes
Tracy's Wiskey Cask
partial mash
partial mash  Wood-Aged Beer  2992 1.0000 Star Rating out of 1 votes
Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Porter II
all-grain  Wood-Aged Beer  4391 1.0000 Star Rating out of 1 votes
Bourbon breakfast stout
all-grain  Wood-Aged Beer  2205 1.0000 Star Rating out of 1 votes