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Fruit Beer Recipes

130 recipes found that match your criteria.

Fruit Beer Recipes

The BJCP style guide says: A harmonious marriage of fruit and beer. The key attributes of the underlying style will be different with the addition of fruit; do not expect the base beer to taste the same as the unadulterated version. Judge the beer based on the pleasantness and balance of the resulting combination. The distinctive aromatics associated with the particular fruit(s) should be noticeable in the aroma; however, note that some fruit (e.g., raspberries, cherries) have stronger aromas and are more distinctive than others (e.g., blueberries, strawberries)–allow for a range of fruit character and intensity from subtle to aggressive. The fruit character should be pleasant and supportive, not artificial and inappropriately overpowering (considering the character of the fruit) nor should it have defects such as oxidation. As with all specialty beers, a proper fruit beer should be a harmonious balance of the featured fruit(s) with the underlying beer style. Aroma hops, yeast by-products and malt components of the underlying beer may not be as noticeable when fruit are present. These components (especially hops) may also be intentionally subdued to allow the fruit character to come through in the final presentation. If the base beer is an ale then a non-specific fruitiness and/or other fermentation by-products such as diacetyl may be present as appropriate for warmer fermentations. If the base beer is a lager, then overall less fermentation byproducts would be appropriate. Some malt aroma may be desirable, especially in dark styles. Hop aroma may be absent or balanced with fruit, depending on the style. The fruit should add an extra complexity to the beer, but not be so prominent as to unbalance the resulting presentation. Some tartness may be present if naturally occurring in the particular fruit(s), but should not be inappropriately intense. Read More

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Title Recipe Type Styles Views Rating
Deacon Blues Berry Beer
extract  Fruit Beer  350 1.0000 Star Rating out of 1 votes
Apricot Wheat Beer
extract  Fruit Beer  5648 1.0000 Star Rating out of 1 votes
Panties Off Apricot Wheat
extract  Fruit Beer  1463 1.0000 Star Rating out of 1 votes
His and Hers Cherry Wheat
all-grain  Fruit Beer  1163 1.0000 Star Rating out of 1 votes
Blackberry Stout 2
extract  Fruit Beer  10701 1.0000 Star Rating out of 2 votes
Magic Hat #9
all-grain  Fruit Beer  4346 1.0000 Star Rating out of 1 votes
Summer Raspberry Ale
all-grain  Fruit Beer  1786 1.0000 Star Rating out of 1 votes
New Sromovski Pumpkin Ale and Saison
all-grain  Fruit Beer  3815 1.0000 Star Rating out of 1 votes
Drunk in Love (Batch #6)
all-grain  Fruit Beer  4880 1.0000 Star Rating out of 1 votes
Magic Hat #99
extract  Fruit Beer  5140 1.0000 Star Rating out of 1 votes
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