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BJCP 2008 Guideline

Belgian and French Ale - Belgian Pale Ale


BJCP 2008 16B Belgian Pale Ale style example
16B - Belgian and French Ale / Belgian Pale Ale



A fruity, moderately malty, somewhat spicy, easy-drinking, copper-colored ale.


Most commonly found in the Flemish provinces of Antwerp and Brabant. Considered "everyday" beers (Category I). Compared to their higher alcohol Category S cousins, they are Belgian "session beers" for ease of drinking. Nothing should be too pronounced or dominant; balance is the key.


De Koninck, Speciale Palm, Dobble Palm, Russian River Perdition, Ginder Ale, Op-Ale, St. Pieters Zinnebir, Brewer's Art House Pale Ale, Avery Karma, Eisenbahn Pale Ale, Ommegang Rare Vos (unusual in its 6.5% ABV strength)

You can view the complete style details on the BJCP website. The 2008 style guide is obsolete but there is a similar 2015 style that you can view below...

View Style on BJCP Website


OG: 1.048-1.054
FG: 1.010-1.014
IBU: 20-30
SRM: 8.0-14.0
ABV: 4.8-5.5%

BJCP 2008 16B Belgian Pale Ale style example