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BJCP 2008 Guideline

Light Hybrid Beer - Cream Ale


BJCP 2008 6A Cream Ale style example
6A - Light Hybrid Beer / Cream Ale



A clean, well-attenuated, flavorful American lawnmower beer.


Classic American (i.e., pre-prohibition) Cream Ales were slightly stronger, hoppier (including some dry hopping) and more bitter (25-30+ IBUs). These versions should be entered in the specialty/experimental category. Most commercial examples are in the 1.050-1.053 OG range, and bitterness rarely rises above 20 IBUs.


Genesee Cream Ale, Little Kings Cream Ale (Hudepohl), Anderson Valley Summer Solstice Cerveza Crema, Sleeman Cream Ale, New Glarus Spotted Cow, Wisconsin Brewing Whitetail Cream Ale

You can view the complete style details on the BJCP website. The 2008 style guide is obsolete but there is a similar 2015 style that you can view below...

View Style on BJCP Website


OG: 1.042-1.055
FG: 1.006-1.012
IBU: 15-20
SRM: 3.0-5.0
ABV: 4.2-5.6%

BJCP 2008 6A Cream Ale style example