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BJCP 2008 Guideline

Other Mead - Metheglin




In well-made examples of the style, the herbs/spices are both distinctive and well-incorporated into the honey-sweet-acid-tannin-alcohol balance of the mead. Different types of herbs/spices can result in widely different characteristics; allow for a variation in the final product.


Often, a blend of spices may give a character greater than the sum of its parts. The better examples of this style use spices/herbs subtly and when more than one are used, they are carefully selected so that they blend harmoniously. See standard description for entrance requirements. Entrants MUST specify carbonation level, strength, and sweetness.


Bonair Chili Mead, Redstone Juniper Mountain Honey Wine, Redstone Vanilla Beans and Cinnamon Sticks Mountain Honey Wine, Long Island Meadery Vanilla Mead, iQhilika Africa Birds Eye Chilli Mead, Mountain Meadows Spice Nectar

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