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BJCP 2008 Guideline

Pilsner - Classic American Pilsner


BJCP 2008 2C Classic American Pilsner style example
2C - Pilsner / Classic American Pilsner



A substantial Pilsner that can stand up to the classic European Pilsners, but exhibiting the native American grains and hops available to German brewers who initially brewed it in the USA. Refreshing, but with the underlying malt and hops that stand out when compared to other modern American light lagers. Maize lends a distinctive grainy sweetness. Rice contributes a crisper, more neutral character.


The classic American Pilsner was brewed both pre-Prohibition and post-Prohibition with some differences. OGs of 1.050-1.060 would have been appropriate for pre-Prohibition beers while gravities dropped to 1.044-1.048 after Prohibition. Corresponding IBUs dropped from a pre-Prohibition level of 30-40 to 25-30 after Prohibition.


Occasional brewpub and microbrewery specials

Sorry, the BJCP guide line details have been removed due to a copyright held by the BJCP.


OG: 1.044-1.060
FG: 1.010-1.015
IBU: 25-40
SRM: 3.0-6.0
ABV: 4.5-6.0%

BJCP 2008 2C Classic American Pilsner style example