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BJCP 2015 Guideline

Czech Lager Czech Pale Lager


BJCP 2015 3A Czech Pale Lager example
3A - Czech Pale Lager


Overall Impression

A lighter-bodied, rich, refreshing, hoppy, bitter pale Czech lager having the familiar flavors of the stronger Czech Premium Pale Lager (Pilsner-type) beer but in a lower alcohol, lighter-bodied, and slightly less intense format.


The Czech name of the style is svêtlé výcepní pivo.

Commercial Examples

Breznák Svetlé výcepní pivo, Notch Session Pils, Pivovar Kout na Šumave Koutská 10°, Únetické pivo 10°

There are more details available on the BJCP website. Click below to view the complete style.

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  • OG:  1028 - 1044
  • FG:  1008 - 1014
  • ABV: 3 - 4.1
  • IBU: 20 - 35
  • SRM: 3 - 6
BJCP 2015 3A - Czech Pale Lager Commercial Example