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BJCP 2015 Guideline

IPA Specialty IPA - Belgian IPA


BJCP 2015 21B Specialty IPA - Belgian IPA example
21B - Specialty IPA - Belgian IPA


Overall Impression

An IPA with the fruitiness and spiciness derived from the use of Belgian yeast. The examples from Belgium tend to be lighter in color and more attenuated, similar to a tripel that has been brewed with more hops. This beer has a more complex flavor profile and may be higher in alcohol than a typical IPA.


The choice of yeast strain and hop varieties is critical since many choices will horribly clash.

Commercial Examples

Brewery Vivant Triomphe, Houblon Chouffe, Epic Brainless IPA, Green Flash Le Freak, Stone Cali-Belgique, Urthel Hop It

There are more details available on the BJCP website. Click below to view the complete style.

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  • OG:  1058 - 1080
  • FG:  1008 - 1016
  • ABV: 6.2 - 9.5
  • IBU: 50 - 100
  • SRM: 5 - 15
BJCP 2015 21B - Specialty IPA - Belgian IPA Commercial Example