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BJCP 2015 Guideline

Pale American Ale Blonde Ale


BJCP 2015 18A Blonde Ale example
18A - Blonde Ale


Overall Impression

Easy-drinking, approachable, malt-oriented American craft beer, often with interesting fruit, hop, or character malt notes. Well-balanced and clean, is a refreshing pint without aggressive flavors.


Brewpub alternative to standard American lagers, typically offered as an entry-level craft beer.

Commercial Examples

Kona Big Wave Golden Ale, Pelican Kiwanda Cream Ale, Russian River Aud Blonde, Victory Summer Love, Widmer Citra Summer Blonde Brew

There are more details available on the BJCP website. Click below to view the complete style.

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  • OG:  1038 - 1054
  • FG:  1008 - 1013
  • ABV: 3.8 - 5.5
  • IBU: 15 - 28
  • SRM: 3 - 6
BJCP 2015 18A - Blonde Ale Commercial Example