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Title Recipe Type Styles Views Rating
Alcatraz Porter all-grain  porter, Anchor porter  16276 5 Star Rating
All Grain Porter all-grain  porter  24509 5 Star Rating
All-In Lagered Porter all-grain  Lager,Porter  5915 5 Star Rating
Anchor Porter Clone partial mash  porter, Anchor Porter  12432 5 Star Rating
Bailey's Honey Porter all-grain  Porter  5014 5 Star Rating
bevens bad ass porter partial mash  Porter  7131 5 Star Rating
Black Butte Porter Clone all-grain  porter, Deschutes clone  16312 5 Star Rating
Blackberry Porter extract  porter, fruit beer, blackberry porter  17425 5 Star Rating
Blind Dogs Brewery Honey Porter all-grain  Porter  3439 5 Star Rating
Brewhaus Porter all-grain  porter  8901 5 Star Rating
Brown Malt Porter all-grain  porter  8705 5 Star Rating
Bumble Bee Porter all-grain  porter, Deschutes  7924 5 Star Rating
Butternut Porter partial mash  squash beer, butternut squash, pumpkin ale, porter,  8258 5 Star Rating
Chocolate Point Porter extract  porter  18853 5 Star Rating
Clean Out The Closet Porter extract  porter  9055 5 Star Rating
Clubhouse Smoked Porter all-grain  smoked beer, rauchbier, porter  21959 5 Star Rating
Coltrane Porter (D Rock) other  Porter  2517 5 Star Rating
David Smith's Porter extract  porter  11164 5 Star Rating
DB's Porter partial mash  Porter  5669 5 Star Rating
Dextrinous Porter all-grain  porter  4597 5 Star Rating
Don's Most Wickid Ale all-grain  porter  7372 5 Star Rating
Extract Porter extract  porter  9487 5 Star Rating
Finnigan's Coffee Porter extract  Coffee,Coffee Stout,Porter  18010 5 Star Rating
Fissurin' Porter extract  porter  4970 5 Star Rating
Foggy Day Jumpin' Java extract  porter  5595 5 Star Rating
Full Figured North-of-the-Border Porter all-grain  Porter,  7771 5 Star Rating
Full-Moon Porter extract  porter, coffee  14066 5 Star Rating
Gak & Gerry's #23: Anteater Porter all-grain  porter  3754 5 Star Rating
Hell Gate Porter extract  porter  11623 5 Star Rating
Historic Porter all-grain  porter  10795 5 Star Rating
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