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Title Recipe Type Styles Views Rating
Albino Strawberry extract  Belgian Ale,Fruit Beer,Holiday Beer,Wheat Beer,Wit  28136
Angry Pumpkin #2 extract  Fruit Beer  7256
Apple Bottom Creme Ale partial mash  Brown Ale,Fruit Beer,Mild Ale  18955
Apples in the Snow extract  fruit beer, apple ale  19734
Apricot Ale extract  fruit beer, apricot ale  15420
Apricot Dubbel extract  Fruit Beer  3985
Atoka Pumpkin Ale partial mash  Fruit Beer,Holiday Beer,Light Ale,Mild Ale,Pumpkin Ale  6953
Basic Fruit Beer extract  fruit beer, juice  15722
Batch #14 Raspberry extract  fruit beer, raspberry ale  9152
Berry Strawberry Ale extract  fruit beer, strawberry ale  16788
Billy Bob's Blueberry Bitter all-grain  fruit beer, blueberry ale, bitter  12838
Black Cherry Ale extract  Fruit Beer,Pale Ale  6881
Blackberry Cream Ale extract  Fruit Beer  12132
Blackberry Peach Lager extract  fruit beer, blackberry lager, peach lager  10683
Blackberry Porter extract  porter, fruit beer, blackberry porter  17411
Blackberry Stout extract  fruit beer, stout, blackberry stout  14548
Blackberry Stout extract  stout, fruit beer, blackberry stout  9102
Blackberry Weizen extract  fruit beer, blackberry wheat, weizen  10066
BlackBerry Wit extract  Fruit Beer,Wit  8104
Blueberry Ale extract  fruit beer, blueberry ale  24371
Blueberry Lager all-grain  lager, fruit beer, blueberry lager  14890
Bronx Cheer partial mash  pale ale, fruit beer, raspberry ale  6438
Brown and Blue Ale all-grain  fruit beer, blueberry ale  7795
Cat's Claw Blackberry Ale extract  fruit beer, blackberry ale  6782
Charlie Brown Pumpkin Ale extract  fruit beer, pumpkin  44445
Cherry Fever Stout extract  stout, fruit beer, cherry stout  16230
Cherry Weiss et cetera extract  fruit beer, cherry wheat, wheat beer  9548
Cherry Wheat extract  fruit beer, wheat beer, cherry wheat  22004
Cherry-Honey-Weiss all-grain  fruit beer, cherry wheat beer, honey  22162
Christmas Cranberry Ale extract  fruit beer, cranberry ale, holiday beer, christmas beer  14269