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Title Recipe Type Styles Fav Rating
Angry Pumpkin #2 extract  Fruit Beer  9180 5 Star Rating
Apple Bottom Creme Ale partial mash  Fruit Beer  20238 5 Star Rating
Apples in the Snow extract  Fruit Beer  21521 5 Star Rating
Apricot Ale extract  Fruit Beer  17872 5 Star Rating
Apricot Dubbel extract  Fruit Beer  4265 5 Star Rating
Apricot Wheat Ale extract  Fruit Beer  613
Apricot Wheat Beer extract  Fruit Beer  658
Bah Humbug Brew extract  Fruit Beer  10651 5 Star Rating
Basic Fruit Beer extract  Fruit Beer  16990 5 Star Rating
Berry Strawberry Ale extract  Fruit Beer  18702 5 Star Rating
BHB Magic Hat #9 all-grain  Fruit Beer  3770
Billy Bob's Blueberry Bitter all-grain  Fruit Beer  13630 5 Star Rating
Black Cherry Ale extract  Fruit Beer  7976 5 Star Rating
Blackberry Cream Ale extract  Fruit Beer  12838 5 Star Rating
Blackberry Peach Lager extract  Fruit Beer  13415 5 Star Rating
Blackberry Stout extract  Fruit Beer  15596 5 Star Rating
Blackberry Stout 2 extract  Fruit Beer  9344 5 Star Rating
Blackberry Weizen extract  Fruit Beer  10485 5 Star Rating
BlackBerry Wit extract  Fruit Beer  9450 5 Star Rating
Blueberry Ale extract  Fruit Beer  25919 5 Star Rating
Blueberry Lager all-grain  Fruit Beer  17131 5 Star Rating
Blueberry Pale Ale all-grain  Fruit Beer  4540
Bronx Cheer partial mash  Fruit Beer  7034 5 Star Rating
Brown and Blue Ale all-grain  Fruit Beer  8179 5 Star Rating
Brown-Haired Pumpkin Ale (extract) extract  Fruit Beer  3537 5 Star Rating
Caramel Mango partial mash  Fruit Beer  1125
Cat's Claw Blackberry Ale extract  Fruit Beer  7149 5 Star Rating
Charlie Brown Pumpkin Ale extract  Fruit Beer  53018 5 Star Rating
Cherry Fever Stout extract  Fruit Beer  17324 5 Star Rating
Cherry Weiss et cetera extract  Fruit Beer  9931 5 Star Rating
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